Edwards County
Sheriff's Office
Rocksprings, Texas
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                                          FIVE POACHERS CAUGHT IN THE ACT


On Saturday, February 20, 2016, the Edwards County Sheriff’s Office received a call about people possible poaching on Hackberry Lane. When Deputies arrived, five individuals were found to have illegally taking game from a public roadway and taking wildlife without the land owners consent.

The arrested were Reginald Sonnier (50) from Eunice Louisiana, Richard LaFluer (48) from Basile Louisiana, William Johnson (51) from Basile Louisiana, Jeffrey Dozart (48) from Lake Charles Louisiana, and Robert DeShotel (53) from Basile Louisiana.

The individuals were found to be in possession of two exotic game animals that were located in the bed of the truck and had not been field processed. There were also two rifles inside of the vehicle. Texas Game Warden Carson Wardlow arrived at the location and determined that at least one of the animals had been shot on private property from a public roadway. Evidence was collected that would support the allegation. Wardlow then arrested the people allegedly involved.

The Honorable Tommy Walker, Justice of the Peace of Edwards County set bond on each of the five individuals arrested, totaling $12000.00 each. The charge of Taking Wildlife without the Landowners Consent, $6000.00 bond, and illegally taking game from a public roadway, a $6000.00 bond.

All five of the individuals posted bond and were released.