Edwards County
Sheriff's Office
Rocksprings, Texas
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New Release


An arrest was made involving a Sexual Assault of a Child. The suspect, Martin Arispe Jr. a resident of Storm Lake Iowa was arrested in Plymouth County Iowa incident to an Arrest Warrant issued on March 18, 2015 by the Justice of the Peace Tommy Walker of Edwards County.


Edwards County Constable John Maxwell drove to Plymouth County Iowa and took custody of the suspect and transported him to Edwards County Texas on April 3, 2015.


This case was solved with the use of DNA, which is one of the most effective law enforcement tools in history, Sheriff Pamela Elliott of the Edwards County Sheriff’s Office said. DNA will assist is a conviction as well as an exoneration of a suspect.


Sexual Assault is a felony and the accused could receive 2-20 years, incarcerated in the Texas Department of Corrections, with a fine up to 10,000.00, and may possibly have to register as a Sex Offender for life.


The case will be forwarded to the District Attorney for prosecution