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Rocksprings, Texas
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On 11/09/2017 Edwards County Sheriff’s Office received a call stating Marc Accove was on The Hackberry-Pecan Ranch on RR 335. Accove had a Protective Order issued to him because Accove was involved in Family Violence on October 8, 2017. Accove was accused of assaulting his common law wife.

On Sunday, November 5, 2017, Accove violated the Protective Order by showing up at her workplace and was seen observing her from a distance of about 75 feet. Accove sat in his vehicle for about 15 minutes. Accove also hacked into another person’s messenger account and was communicating with the Victim, posing as another person.

On Monday November 6, 2017, the Victim came into the Edwards County Sheriff’s Office and filed a complaint. The Texas Code of Criminal Procedure clearly states that a Law Enforcement Officer shall arrest an individual that violates a Protective Order. On this same day just a few moments after receiving the complaint, Deputy Darrell Volkmann typed a complaint and The Honorable Judge Tommy Walker issued a warrant for the arrest of Marc Anthony Accove Sr. for Violation of a Protective Order. Edwards County Deputies started searching for Accove immediately.

On November 9, 2017, the Victim calls in to the Sheriff’s Office stating that Accove’s Vehicle was found partially hidden from view. Robert Ibarra and DPS Trooper Tyler Weatherford arrived at the location first and began searching the area for Accove. Darrell Volkmann then arrived and the search continued. A person that lived at the location alerted Law Enforcement Officers that Accove was hiding in the Victims vehicle.

Weatherford, Ibarra approached the vehicle and each opened a door on the vehicle to look inside. Volkmann spotted Accove from the door that he opened and ordered Accove to show his hands. Accove then fired at Volkmann missing him. Accove then turned the gun on himself, shooting himself in the head.

The case is being investigated by The Texas Rangers.