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Rocksprings, Texas
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                                 THE TIME IS HERE AND WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH


I don’t know about you but it is time that we as a community take control of this Meth problem. Enough is enough!! We at the Edwards Sheriff’s Office are concerned with the well-being of our relatives, friends and neighbors having to deal with their loved ones while they are addicted to this drug.

Meth is a nasty drug. One cannot fathom the idea that something that can be manufactured under a kitchen sink with products like Phosphorous, (the red part of a match) acetone, (Paint thinner), ephedrine, (cooked down portion of Sudafed) and sometimes ether when it can be found. Some of these self-proclaimed Chemist use fertilizer as an ingredient. Oh yes, all of this goes into the drug that has taken over some of our lives. Sadly, the application of this drug will be shot into their veins, snorted, or smoked. The end result is the deterioration of calcium in the body causing the teeth to rot and bones to become fragile and can cause apparent sudden death.

Upon seizing a clandestine drug lab. Law Enforcement has to call in a special unit (DEA) to take possession of the lab with protective clothing to avoid exposure to the dangerous fumes. Your neighbor could be cooking it right now and is exposing you to these dangerous fumes without your knowledge.

Now, it’s time to start our agenda. Edwards County has petitioned Crimes Stoppers for a membership in their organization. Crime stoppers will pay a reward for information for the arrest and Grand Jury Indictment for the information and you will not have to be identified in giving the information or collecting the reward.

Meth is the cause of other crimes also and rewards for other crimes will be offered also pending the acceptance of the Membership to Crime Stoppers.

In the interim, while approval is in the making, ESCO is seeking Board Member participation that will govern the Chapter. No, you will not ever know the name of the caller, none of us will. 

We will be asking for community members to come forward and accept this challenge and will be seated for 12 months, meeting monthly, if needed. Please be advised that this a voluntary position. It is imperative that you are a person of good character and integrity. We want this open to a vast group of individuals that want these problems addressed. In addition, no member of Law Enforcement will interfere with the decision making of the seated panel.