Edwards County
Sheriff's Office
Rocksprings, Texas
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On September 10, 2018, The Honorable District Judge Robert Hoffmann sentenced 4 individuals and accepted a plea on the 5th person.
Armando Franco (70), of Rocksprings Texas, plead guilty to Indecency with a Child and was sentenced to 7 years’ probation-deferred. With a $2000.00 fine. This was pursuant to a plea bargain. The original charges were 3 counts of sexual assault of a child (three different children) but they were dismissed as part of the plea agreement
Bobby Green (30) of Laredo Texas, plead guilty to Felony Evading Detention in a Vehicle and received 2 years confinement in The Texas Department of Criminal Justice (prison). Sentencing according to The Texas Code of Criminal Procedures shall be no less than two years but no more than 20 years plus up to a $10,000 fine. Green was on bond prior to the sentencing and was arrested in open court and was transported to The Edwards County Detention Facility and held pending transport to prison.
Fortino Rodriguez Jr (52) Of Houston Texas was ordered to pay restitution of $1000.00 for a Theft of a Firearm as part of a plea agreement. The theft case was dismissed as part of this agreement.
Fernando Franco (25) of Rocksprings Texas received 365 days in State Jail for Forgery of a financial instrument. State Jail is part of the Texas Criminal Justice system. Franco is being held in the Edwards County Detention facility waiting transport to prison. Franco received probation on this originally but failed to follow probation guidelines.
Vensilado Arispe Jr. (52) of Rocksprings Texas plead guilty to a misdemeanor assault charge in part of a plea agreement. Arispe was ordered to 365 days in The Edwards County Detention Facility.