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Rocksprings, Texas
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Isaac Jimenez () from Del Rio, Texas and migrated to Rocksprings in 2017 has been arrested by Edwards County Sheriff’s Deputies for his “5th Felony Violation” since he moved here from Del Rio.
On November 30, 2018 at approximately 8:53 in the evening, a 911 call to the Edwards County Dispatcher was received, requesting assistance from a Deputy for a “Fight in Progress” in the 800 Block of N. Cedar Street. As Deputies approached the location, a vehicle sped off from the area southbound, which matched the description of the suspect’s vehicle. A Deputy activated the Patrol Units Emergency Lights in an attempt to stop the vehicle but the driver refused and continued speeding through the city streets of Rocksprings. After a brief pursuit, the vehicle came to a stop in the driveway of the apartments located in the 200 block N. Cedar Street and Issac Jimenez exited the vehicle as the driver. Isaac Jimenez was arrested for Felony Evading Detention with a Motor Vehicle.
While Deputies were handling this incident, Crystal Castro (25) and another female from Rocksprings, Texas approached and began yelling and screaming at the Deputies about the traffic stop with Isaac Jimenez and told the Deputies at the scene that “they needed to arrest the ******* ******** and stop ******* with my brother in law”. Crystal Castro was then placed under arrest for Disorderly Conduct -Language and was transported to the Edwards County Detention Center where she is being held on the Disorderly Charge plus 5 outstanding Class C Warrants for various violations she had failed to pay in the amount of $2,028.70 to the Justice of the Peace Office in Edwards County.
Isaac Jimenez was transported to the Edwards County Detention Center and was booked for Felony Evading Detention – Motor Vehicle, which is a State Jail Felony but due to Isaac’s extensive “past violations of State of Texas Laws”, a previous conviction of the offense now enhances the charge of to a 3RD Degree Felony. “A case for violation of State of Texas Penal Code 12.42 will be submitted to the 452nd District Attorney for Penalties for Repeat and Habitual Felony Offenders stated Sheriff Pamela Elliott. Isaac Jimenez numerous and continual violations of the Law, is dangerous for our community. It appears that all the past plea deals arranged by the District Attorney and Isaac Jimenez have failed to cease his criminal behavior.”